Yacht Shipping/Loading

Shipping your yacht overseas is a serious undertaking that deserves careful planning and consideration. We can assist.

Yacht ShippingFrom our south Florida location, there are several professional yacht shipping companies serving nearly every destination on the globe. We will gladly advise and direct you to a suitable and reputable carrier based upon your individual needs.

We can also assist with the necessary and required preparations such as:

  • Berthing at marinas adjacent or nearby the loading port (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Savannah, GA.)
  • Bottom Cleaning. Numerous southern ocean countries restrict the inadvertent importation of marine organisms.
  • Winterization for high latitude routes & destinations in wintertime.
  • Shrinkwrapping
  • Cradle construction

Regarding the loading of your yacht, when your ship arrives, we’ll assist with that also. We’ll safely deliver your yacht from the marina to the ship in the port at the appointed time. We’ll shut down all systems, stow any loose gear, isolate the batteries, secure hatches & doors and assist the loading crew. If possible, we’ll take some pictures of your vessel in the process and send them along. Upon agreement we remain committed to you 24/7 irrespective of how often the loading date & time may change. We anticipate that the vessel is insured, seaworthy and fully operational. The vessel must be equipped with USCG required safety equipment, and be in compliance with local & federal laws.

We are also available to assist with discharge and delivery services upon arrival at your destination.