Procurement & OutfittingThe ability to acquire and receive the right equipment for your marine asset, at the right time, right place, right part, in an efficient manner can be a logistical nightmare.  We can help. Especially considering that the location of a marine asset can be changing on a daily basis, over international borders.  Choosing the right equipment, sourcing the right equipment, based on the required needs of a vessel, or owner can be a troublesome, as well as worrisome endeavor to the uninformed and educated consumer. Even to the seasoned master mariner, in command of a multi-million dollar asset, knows that there is little time in day, to research, contact, order, and manage, the maritime needs efficiently and effectively.

Our Team of procurement specialists, can source just about anything, anywhere, to meet your vessel’s needs.  Experienced at sourcing products Domestically and Internationally, as well as shipping and receiving on a global level.  SeaPort represents International yacht dealers and owners as their one stop shop, to fulfill their maritime asset requirements.