Captain Services

Professional Mariner ServicesThe Sea.  Most visions are of beauty, blue tranquil waters, warmth and sun, pleasure and enjoyment.  But to those of us who have spent our lives upon her, know better than to trust these visions, but hold the deepest respect for the dangers she can carry.  Understanding these lurking dangers and having a plan to mitigate a foreseeable issue, can only be developed after years of riding upon her waters.  Honing one’s craft, skills, abilities, as a true professional, can only be mastered through time.

What is your marine asset, yacht, boat, worth to you?  Can you afford to place your asset, in the care, custody and control of just anyone that say’s they are a licensed Captain?  Do you fully understand what are the requirements, levels, certifications, tonnage, etc… and variations of licensed Captains?  All Captains are not equal.  Please be an educated consumer before hiring your next marine professional, just as I am sure you educated yourself before the purchase of your marine asset.

It is easy to believe that the safe transit of a marine asset, should be a routine affair in the modern times of global positioning, satellite phones and modern navigational conveniences.  Well you would believe it should be routine, but then why are there so many marine mishaps and accidents?  The reason is there is no substitute for experience, the knowledge carried and earned crossing oceans and seas, before GPS and advanced navigational equipment.  Rhumb lines, DR’s, and sextant’s, the tools of a master mariners trade, and the fraternity of fellow mariners knowledge and experiences past on.  SeaPort’s Master Mariners and their fraternity of mariners, have sailed over the horizon, across seas, to master their craft, profession, and are willing and able to assist you, with a marine solution.  Anywhere, any time.

  • Vessel Delivery: Global
  • Relief Captains: Global
  • Captain and Crew Training
  • Vessel Handling Training, for Owners & Family
  • Vessel Orientation and System Training, Captains & Owners
  • Owner insurance required training and curricula, certification.