About Us

Why SeaPort?  Because we are the safe harbor for all of your maritime needs, and services.  We are a maritime industry, marine dealership and vessel owners, full service marine professional provider of, mariner services, project management, yacht asset management, logistics, procurement, and consultation.

Since our foundation in 2003, we have been providing professional maritime services to the marine industry and individuals, with a need for expertise, which can only be developed from years aboard a multitude of vessels at sea and in port.  These years, on deck or in professional discussion regarding maritime logistics, with other engaged maritime professional, makes SeaPort uniquely qualified to represent your asset, and marine needs.  SeaPort over the years has established close relationships at the highest levels, inside the marine industry including yacht & boat manufactures, marine engine manufactures, marine part OEM’s, yacht dealerships and yacht & ship yard repair facilities, worldwide.  We have a global maritime perspective and experience, formulated by our professionals combined years at sea experience, of more than 20,000 logged days.

So what we would like to ask you, before you choose another maritime service provider, is to please check out our professionals at Seaports, Bios.  Then ask yourself what is your marine asset worth to you, if entrusted to the care, custody and control of another maritime service, with half the credentials.  All Captains and marine professionals are not equal, as are all attorneys, surgeons, financial advisors, mechanics, etc…….not equally qualified for certain jobs.  Professionalism, and one taking pride in one’s profession, is not always fully determinable.  Please be sure you fully understand what you are receiving in regards to a marine professional or Captain, because all qualifications, as well as all licenses are not equal.