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The yachting world is always changing. The demands on the captains and crews have grown exponentially driven by the requirements from more security conscious boat owners, new legislation recently enacted to protect our world’s ports and waterways, and the continued growth of the mega yacht in both size and demand.
In 2003 SeaPort Yacht Services was launched to address the brave new world of yachting in the 21st Century. Since our inception, over 1500 customers have purchased our products or services, and a select few have worked with us exclusively. We believe the primary reason for our success is our commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.

Captain Services

The Sea. Most visions are of beauty, blue tranquil waters, warmth and sun, pleasure and enjoyment. But to those of us who have spent our lives upon her, know better than to trust these visions.

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The ability to acquire and receive the right equipment for your marine asset, at the right time, right place, right part, in an efficient manner can be a logistical nightmare. We can help.

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  • Yacht Management

    Keeping your marine asset, yacht, boat in the condition required to take the ones you love to sea, is all a matter of “Time”. Time is something that does not play well with a marine asset, because from the time…

    Project Management

    Project Management

    Some solutions, when it comes to a marine asset, are not simple and easy. In fact some problems, whether attached to a small part, or an entire maritime asset, can be mind numbing.